— one year anniversary release
2 min readJul 13, 2020


We are delighted to announce that we just released a new version of in marking the one year anniversary of public version.

This version contains many improvements both in the language, its tools and additional pages.

The SmartPy Wallet

The SmartPy Wallet is a new tool, embedded in to improve key and address management.

Contract addresses as well as faucet or implicit accounts and keys can be recorded, stored locally, used to originate a contract or in the Explorer, and used to send tez (on test nets or on the mainnet). We greatly encourage everyone to use an hardware wallet together with the SmartPy Wallet — it has a comprehensive integration with the Ledger Hardware Wallet.

Implicit accounts are protected with a password and only stored locally in the browser. Contract addresses and faucet accounts are only stored locally in the browser but not protected with a password for convenience.

Michelson Tools

We published our typing and simplification engine in the form of a page

It enables parsing, typing and simplification while typing Michelson code and show the full stack types for each instruction.

It also features a very nice error handling mechanism which makes it specially useful when transforming Michelson code by hand.

Newcomer Mode

The online editor now has a Newcomer Mode that is enabled by default. It presents a few templates of interest for first time visitors.
It can be toggled on and off in the File menu.

In SmartPy scenarios

Type inference has been further improved by typing tests in full before evaluating them so contracts now use their associated tests to determine their types.

We now have tests evaluated by default or not as shown in the FA2 template.

Operation support in scenarios has been greatly improved.

Some templates

A few templates have been improved such as FA1.2, FA2, Chainlink oracles. A few new templates to show new or better features in the language create contract, lambdas, etc.

In the SmartPy language

Some instructions have been added such as sp.create_contract.

SmartPy CLI

SmartPy CLI versions are now synchronized with versions.
Installation instructions can be found here.

Error handling in tests now more closely mimic scenarios.



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