New Major Release for SmartPy, February 2021
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

Happy New Year — Year of the Ox!

SmartPy is an intuitive and powerful smart contract development platform for Tezos.


We are delighted to announce a new release containing many improvements including one breaking change in the compilation interface for the CLI.

Please test and send feedback!

New compilation interface and targets

Breaking change in the CLI

Instead of building explicitly SmartPy contracts in the command line with compile <> <class-call> <output-directory>

We are switching to a simplified command compile <> <output-directory>

and the class-call is registered inside the file with

sp.add_compilation_target(name, contract, storage=None)

One example

In practice, this is done like that:

Inside a file called

import smartpy as spclass MyContract(sp.contract):
# A contract with an empty (unit) storage
sp.add_compilation_target("min_comp", MyContract())
# A contract with a simple int storage
sp.add_compilation_target("min_comp_int", MyContract(x = 1))

And we can typically compile this contract by doing:

~/smartpy-cli/ compile output_dir

Immediate benefits of the change

  • Simpler interface in the command line (no class-call anymore).
  • Several contracts can be compiled at a given time with nice hierarchical outputs and great performance.
  • Setting an optional initial storage is possible.
  • This change uses our architecture of scenarios which were previously only used for tests which means that we profit from them for compilation as well. It also brings consistency between testing and compilation targets.

We will talk again about this in the future with new uses of scenarios.

New outputs in scenarios: tests and compilation targets

New files

We now output more files in more formats: contracts, storage, types, sizes.

Experimental html output

Because of popular demand in our telegram group, we added an experimental --html argument in the CLI. When ON, it computes the output panel and creates a log.html file.

New Origination Page in provides an IDE along with a set of tools to originate, explore and study smart contracts on Tezos. One of this tool is the Origination Page that is accessible from the Output Panel in the IDE by clicking on Deploy Smart Contract.

This origination page has been redesigned from scratch. Important elements are:

  • A brand new beautiful react interface.
  • A better Wallet integration with support for Ledger, Faucet, private test keys, Beacon and Thanos.
  • Computation of gas, storage size and proposed fees.
  • Storage and code Edition.
  • Links with the SmartPy Michelson Editor.
  • Sharing.

New elements for EDO

As already announced, we support most elements of the Edo update in the SmartPy language. We will talk again about it.



An intuitive and effective smart contracts language and development platform for Tezos. In Python.