Introducing SmartPyBasic, a simple CLI to build Tezos smart contract in Python


sh <(curl -s local-install ~
~/SmartPyBasic/scripts         # A list of demo scripts (here, only # The SmartPy library # A helper module used by SmartPy, mostly in browser
smartmljs.bc.js # The SmartML library # A mock module to simulate a browser
smartmlbasic.js # A node JavaScript file to interact with SmartML # A helper library # A helper shell-script

A demo script

## Copyright 2019 Smart Chain Arena LLC. ### To run this script, we need to setup a PYTHONPATH to the
# SmartPyBasic directory.
# If the SmartPyBasic directory is ~/SmartPyBasic, then
# PYTHONPATH=~/SmartPyBasic python3
# or
# ~/SmartPyBasic/ run
# should work.
import smartpy as spclass MyContract(sp.Contract):
def __init__(self, myParameter1, myParameter2):
self.init(myParameter1 = myParameter1,
myParameter2 = myParameter2)
def myEntryPoint(self, params):
sp.verify( <= 123) += params
# We evaluate a contract with parameters.
contract = MyContract(12, 13)
# We need to export the compile the contract.
# It can be done with the following.
import smartpybasic as spb
targetBaseFilename = /tmp/myContractDemo")
print("Contract compiled in /tmp/")

Direct use with Python

PYTHONPATH=~/SmartPyBasic python3 ~/SmartPyBasic/scripts/
ls -ltr /tmp/myContractDemo*
~/SmartPyBasic/ run ~/SmartPyBasic/scripts/
ls -ltr /tmp/myContractDemo*
-rw-r--r--   ... myContractDemoExpression.smlse
-rw-r--r-- ...
-rw-r--r-- ...

The run command

with sp.ifBlock(condition):
with sp.elseBlock():
with sp.forBlock('x', l) as x:
with sp.whileBlock(condition):
~/SmartPyBasic/ run <>

The local-compile command

~/SmartPyBasic/ local-compile "TicTacToe()" /tmp/tictactoe

Going further




An intuitive and effective smart contracts language and development platform for Tezos. In Python.

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An intuitive and effective smart contracts language and development platform for Tezos. In Python.

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